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The numbers are staggering: more than 240 million people in the developed countries of the world are partly or completely edentulous.

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As if that is not enough, the edentulous population is expected to nearly double throughout the next 20 years as Baby Boomers begin turning 65 at a rate of one every ten seconds (or 3-4 million per year)1. These Baby Boomers are more focused than ever before in their quality of care, health and wellness and aesthetics. All of this coupled with the surprising fact that currently less than 6% of all denture wearers have dentures that are retained with implants, means there is a very large patient population living with denture adhesives for improved retention.

Do you believe that these patients are happy with messy and expensive adhesives inadequately retaining their dentures? Are your patients happy with constant denture movement in their mouth, causing sore spots or even worse, dentures that dislodge while laughing or speaking? Their quality of life is suffering, yet they have options to improve their situation. You have the knowledge and products that they need for the clinical treatment. However, many times you don’t have access to the elements required to get these potential patients to your office and then get them to say “yes” to treatment… Until now. Zest Dental Solutions, the company you have relied on for innovative overdenture products, such as LOCATOR®, has developed a practice marketing program specifically for attracting overdenture patients—InPlace™.

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InPlace is a turnkey practice marketing program for overdentures consisting of a combination of materials designed to help you introduce the benefits of a secure implant-retained overdenture to a growing market of denture wearers and ultimately increase practice revenue. The InPlace Practice Marketing Program showcases a variety of comprehensive treatment options for overdentures. In many cases, these options exclusively feature the LOCATOR Attachment as a premium option to denture adhesives that many edentulous people currently use to secure their dentures.

What's Inplace

The InPlace Practice Marketing Program for overdentures offers a variety of promotional and educational program elements that help clinicians effectively market to and inform patients about implant-retained overdentures. InPlace provides the tools to attract new overdenture patients to your practice and help increase treatment acceptance. With InPlace, clinicians can demonstrate how patients can improve their quality of life and enjoy having teeth again.

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