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Ron Kaminer, DDS, Viva Learning Achieving Predictable Results and Profitability with Teeth Whitening
Wed 9/20/17 - 5:00 PM PT
What more can we learn about teeth whitening? Hasn't it all been taught to us? Are you making money with your whitening program in your practice? Join Dr. Kaminer as we explore the rationale for teeth whitening, and how when utilized properly, can lead to ideal results every single time. A step-by-step technique will be discussed for a variety of discolorations allowing the attendee to be a whitening expert once completing the webinar. We will discuss:
- "Don't give it away"- How to make whitening a profit center in every practice.
- "The whitening menu"- Different strokes for different folks!
- "Making the patient happy"- Great results every time!
- "Teenage whitening"- Can we do it or not?
No Charge 1
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